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God vs. Satan??

April 4, 2010

Tonight I was flipping channels and I noticed on the History channel a program coming on called God vs. Satan. According to the description, it was a look at the end times from three different religions. This title got me thinking. I think a common misconception is that Satan is the arch enemy of God. This is the farthest thing from the truth. Now before you call me a heretic listen to my thought. As I type this I realize I know absolutely nothing about Marvel comics. But Google to the rescue! I looked up arch-enemies and here are a few:

Superman – Lex Luthor
Batman – The Joker
Spider-Man – Green Goblin
Green Lantern – Sinestro
Aquaman – Black Manta
X-Men – The Brotherhood
Hulk – The Leader
Iron Man – The Mandarin

Each Arch Enemy has a power that is a source of weakness to the Super Hero. I think we forget that Satan has no power over Christ…so if we are believers then Satan has NO POWER over us.
God is the woner and creator of all power. God is Omnipotent. Genesis 18:14 reminds us that there is nothing impossible for God.

Personally I think we give Satan way too much credit.

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  1. KaraJoelle permalink
    April 20, 2010 2:26 am

    Just finally read this. Good stuff.

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