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The Greatest Sin That Believers Commit!

June 10, 2010

My mentor always says “the number one sin that believer’s commit is “the sin of assumption.” Over the past 6 years he has drilled this phrase in my head. He states that we as Christian’s assume that everyone else is a Christian, and we never take the time to talk to them about it. As I have walked in my faith journey I see this more and more every day, and I am just as guilty as the next to commit this sin.

Growing up in the Bible belt, it is uncommon for me to talk to someone who has no idea who Christ is or how to have a relationship with Him. I have met many people who know, but decide to not choose a relationship. As many of you know I recently started a new ministry in KY, and I have been quite discouraged that no students have accepted a relationship with Christ. I have been grieved over this fact, and have been praying diligently asking God if I am doing something wrong. Maybe something in the minsitry that I needed to change.

Last night God answered my prayer. The student ministry saw the first student come to Christ since I started 4 months ago. I was on cloud nine as I went home last night. I received an email this morning from the mom of this students friend and the first two sentences said:

I was so excited to hear about (Name Removed) tonight. He told me that no one had ever talked to him about Jesus one on one. I guess we all assume that by age 13 if a kid has been in church someone has explained salvation to them in a personal way.”

All I could say is WOW! There is our problem as a whole. We assume! Understand this student is in Sunday School every week. He is at all of our events, but no one has ever sat down and talked to him personally about the love of Christ! There are people in the world that are yearning to hear about the love of Christ, and we are assuming that they already know about it! I pray that these two sentences become my marching anthem! That I will stop assuming what others know and WHO others know, and I will share the greatest news and the greatest story in the world, the Gospel of Christ!

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  1. Christy Laster permalink
    June 10, 2010 1:58 pm

    love, LOVE this!! way to go, God!! i love that you have taken the time to reach out. thanks for all you to for the gospel of Christ!! love ya!

  2. John permalink
    August 29, 2010 3:04 pm

    Hi Brian found you from Joe’s blog. I really was blessed by ‘The blessing’ .
    I have also became aware , while working in a Christian bookstore, that every customer purchasing a bible is a christian. Last week a family(minus dad) purchased bibles and during conversation I discovered that the boy,and mom, (girl running around) did not know Christ. The Lord opened up a number of opportunities in a short amount of time for me (close to closing). Also I get statements like
    cust- I want a bible,
    me – do you have a translation preference?
    cust- english .
    Also I think churches do not have mentors, prayer partners with young christians.

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