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Seriousness of My Own Sin

October 10, 2010

Many times I tend to fall into a trap. It is purely unintentional, and I don’t even realize that I am doing it. I fall into the trap of labeling sin. I often subconsciously think that some sins are worse than others and then I justify my own sin because I have justified it as a sin that is “not a big deal”. This morning I was reading Ezekiel 16. In this passage God is expressing his anger to Jerusalem. He is angry because of their sin. In chapter 15 God called the people of Jerusalem a “useless vine.”

The entire chapter of 16 is comparing Jerusalem to a prostitute. In verses 44-52 God speaks of how Jerusalem is worse than other “fallen” cities in the past. God even says that Jerusalem’s sin makes these cities (Samaria, Sodom) look righteous.

The interesting verse to me was Ezekiel 16:49. In this verse God stated that He destroyed Sodom because it was arrogant, overfed, and unconcerned about the needy within their reach. For years I believed he destroyed Sodom because of sexual sin (homosexuality, wanting to have sex with angels, etc.) When I read this passage in Ezekiel I realized how narrow my thinking was. Did God find these acts of sin wicked? Yes! According to Ezekiel, was this why He destroyed Sodom? No! It was because of their arrogance, gluttony, and non-concern for the homeless and needy!

When I read this I realized I am just as bad as Sodom! A people that I have always looked down on because of their sin, had the same sins I have. I have found myself to be arrogant at times, many times I look out for myself and my family and forget about the needy, And I hate to admit it but I am also overfed!

These sins may not be as shocking to you or me as the other sins that Sodom participated in, but they are also forbidden by God!

God, help me to truly understand and accept that ALL sin is unacceptable in your eyes! Please help me to stop justifying my own sin to make myself feel better about it!

What is your interpretation of this passage?

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  1. Connie Otis permalink
    October 11, 2010 2:29 pm

    Brian, thank you for sharing your thoughts on Labeling sin. We do tend to see others sin and negelecting our own. i went through a bible study on the book RADICAL. It sure touched my heart. All the things I had heard all my life finally made a lot of since. As a nation and a Church we are arrogant glutous and neglectville on taking care of others. I think God is opening our eyes so we can repent and turn back to Him so He will save our nation.

    Also I am reminded that satan does not want this to happen and will destroy anything that is good and of God. So I will pray a hedge of protection around your wonderful ministry and I will be praying for real growth in your life.


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