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Consider this Joy?

November 12, 2010

So if you have read my blog at all you probably know that I have been working my way through the book of Ezekiel. It has been a really challenging book in many ways. I have really relied on the Holy Spirit to show me the lessons in the book, because often times I have found myself at a loss.

Yesterday I was reading Ezekiel 24:15ff, and in this passage God was telling Ezekiel that his wife was going to die. God told Ezekiel that he should not mourn her death to show the people of Israel how they are to respond when God destroys them. Ezekiel obeyed God and did not mourn the death of his wife. People asked him why he was not mourning and he said that it was what God had ordered and he was being obedient. God didn’t want the Israelites to be so caught up in their own selfishness that they overlooked the reason this destruction was being brought among them

I read in my footnotes and it spoke of how we will all go through trials and problems. Often times I get so caught up in the “feeling sorry for myself” game that I forget that God is teaching me something through my trials. God wants us to be pure and to live a life of holiness. Every trial and persecution that we go through He wants us to examine our own heart and make sure our ways are pure and that we have no sin in our life. I believe that is what James meant when he said “consider it joy when trials come your way” (James 1:2).

My challenge for myself is to remember this truth as I walk through the storms of life. I want to ask God to search my heart and reveal the sin I am hanging onto.  Though this process is difficult, I pray that God will teach me to consider it all joy.


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