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“IT is Finished”

April 24, 2011

So I have had a revelation that I have allowed to roll around in my head for a few days. During our family devotion time we were reading the story of the crucifixion to the girls out of the Jesus Storybook Bible (highly recommended!) As I was reading the story that I have read at least every Easter something stood out to me. For years I have always read John 19:30 and have assumed the “it” that Christ is referring to is the torture and pain of the crucifixion.

This time as I was reading to my girls, the Lord spoke through the Scriptures to show me the “it” that was finished was God’s plan! At that moment God’s plan was complete or finished. The Old Testament system for forgiveness was no more. Jesus had taken on the sin of the world, and there was nothing more (besides accepting a relationship with Jesus Christ, and repent for our sin) that we would have to do to be forgiven.

Jesus was not relieved to not suffer anymore on the cross…He was expressing the excitement that we as sinners now had a connection to God that had not existed since Genesis 3.

What do you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts. I am still working through this passage and would love to hear how you read it.

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