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Greatest Decision I Ever Made!

September 18, 2011

I have never been one that enjoyed being alone. As a teen I remember times where I would call my neighbor to see if he wanted to ride with me to the gas station (about 2 miles away) just because I loved having company. This is why my cell phone is one of my favorite commodities. Ever since my first bag phone I have made it quite the habit to always have it attached to me as I text/call/or tweet my way through moments of boredom.

Typically as I drive home from work I would call a friend and catch up on their day. These conversations would routinely continue as I walked into my house to greet my family. I would always give my daughters and wife a kiss as my conversation continued. When I would end the conversation I would begin talking with my girls.

I noticed a trend one day that I asked my oldest daughter about. When I came in the house they would continue playing, coloring, or doing whatever it was that had their attention. I always imagined them running up to me as I walked in the door and giving me giant hugs. So one day I asked my oldest daughter why she did not greet me as I came in. She said, “because you are always on your phone.” At first I took offense and I told her that she was mistaken. But her words cut me deep. I made a commitment to her and the rest of the family right then. I told them that I would not ever walk into the house after work being on the phone again.

This one decision has honestly changed  my relationship with my girls. I anticipate arriving home because I know they are excited to see me, and I am just as excited to see them. I think it also shows them how important they are to me. They know when I get home they are all that matters. I will admit there have been times that I have sat in my vehicle for a minute finishing a conversation before walking in, but there is nothing better than walking in the door and hearing my girls scream DADDY!!!!

I challenge all Dad’s to make a commitment to show your family they are the most important people in their lives, outside of your relationship with Christ.

What commitments have you made to show your family their importance? What are some other areas you see that we as parents need to guard our hearts against?

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