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Cancer…AGAIN?? Pancreatic Style

April 2, 2013

Let me start by saying I don’t understand why God heals some on earth and heals others eternally in heaven but I have to share how God chose to heal my Mom.

As many of you know Danielle and I have been walking down this cancer path for 10 months exactly since Danielle was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. We have grown closer than I ever imagined to each other and to The Lord. Danielle has shown incredible courage and strength through this journey.

During this my Mom has been having some crazy blood pressure problems. She is on BP meds and there have been a couple of different occurrences when her BP would shoot way up. A few weeks ago she had one of these episodes. Her BP was 200/100 and my Dad called the paramedics and they came to the house. They took her vitals and told her she was fine. She insisted she wanted to be checked out.

On the way to the hospital the paramedic insisted my Mom had a gall bladder attack. As a gall bladder victim there was no reason for him to tell her that. She had no symptoms of gall bladder trouble but he insisted.

Because of that my Mom insisted the doctors check her gall bladder. The doctor told her she didn’t need it checked, but my Mom doesn’t listen to that very well. Long story short they checked her gall bladder and they found nothing wrong with the gallbladder but did find a small spot on her pancreas.

That spot turned out to be a cancerous tumor that was in the very early stages and was completely operable.

Today they removed the tumor. And the tumor had not spread.

The problem with pancreatic cancer is there are no early detection for it. Typically by the time you have symptoms it is too late. If the paramedic had not made my Mom want to have the gall bladder checked she would’ve very likely been dead within a year. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

Please pray for my Mom as she begins a long recovery process.

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