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33 Reasons to Love Her

September 23, 2013

So I am nowhere as good of a spouse as Danielle is to me. On my birthday she wrote a blog and listed 37 things you may not know about me. I thought it was super sweet and I wanted to do the same for her birthday. Well I kind of let it get by me without writing it. So I decided I would do it exactly a month after her birthday. So here goes. Today Danielle is 33 years and one month and here are 33 things you may not know about her.

1. She has always wanted to be a Mom and she must’ve practiced well because she’s amazing at it.

2. Tulips are her favorite flowers.

3. She graduated seminary with a 4.0 but apparently they don’t celebrate that in seminary.

4. She is a procrastinator.

5. She is absolutely beautiful while swimming. I had a rule while dating that if a girl was pretty while swimming with no makeup and hair slicked back they were a keeper. She looked amazing first time out of the pool..

6. First thing I noticed on our first date was her beautiful smile.

7. Her bottom lip is larger than the top, my top lip is larger than the bottom. Match made in heaven?

8. Favorite color is purple.

9. Loves The Beatles and Harry Connick Jr.

10. Favorite part of the day is taking a nap.

11. When we first got married she always made Hamburger Helper. Now she can cook anything great and I love her cooking more than anyone.

12. She is stubborn.

13. She can’t stand to lose.

14. I refuse to play tennis with her (refer to # 12 &13)

15. She may be more frugal than I am.

16. Dream car is a Lexus SUV.

17. Loves flip flops

18. Favorite place to be is on the beach.

19. She now loves to travel and wants to see all 50 states.

20. She lived in Sweden for a summer and the words she remembers are Enfart and Unfart.

21. She still makes me smile just by hearing her voice.

22. She is an incredible singer.

23. She always challenges me to be better.

24. She is so scared to sound like she is nagging she will do things herself rather than ask someone again.

25. She is amazing when it comes to teaching kids about Christ.

26. She is sentimental.

27. She loves her family and would do anything for any of them.

28. She is a sucker for a feel good story.

29. My favorite time we spend together it’s watching funny YouTube videos.

30. She snorts when she gets really tickled.

31. She is a creature of habit.

32. Red Lobster coconut shrimp is her favorite.

33. I look forward every day when I leave to when I get to see her again.

I love you Danielle. Happy late birthday.

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